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Five styles shabby chic curtains, giving you a dif

Five styles shabby chic curtains, giving you a different style If you want to change the indoor style, you do not need fix again and do not need but your equipments. What you only need is t change a curtain which is very easy to do it. Do not you believeH Then, if you do not believe, you can look at the following styles shabby chic curtain. It is guaranteed that you will have the desire to change your space right now.

First, mixed fiber modern simple curtains

This style is based on the white color for this shabby chic curtain. It looks very clean and there are some black patterns on it. So, it reveals the comparison is very obvious and simple. Also, this style is very suitable for those who are very independent. But if you install on the study, your study will be very good if there is shabby chic curtain and the view will be very different.

Second, flower pattern curtains

This style will be like a water-ink picture which makes us very comfortable. The lining includes the fiber, so, it looks very comfortable. No matter you put it in the sitting room or in the bedroom, it can give off a noble and different feeling.

Third, green leaves curtains

Modern people have seen much more white colors, so they want to be closed to the nature. Choosing the green leaves curtains are the good proof. No matter it is the bright green or the blackish green or the grass green, all can bring us an energetic feeling. When you see it, you will feel very relaxed and very comfortable. If you think you are a little stressed and a little crowded, then you might as well add some white things like the tassels or other patterns. Fancy edges can not only increase the level of the curtains but also reveal very shabby chic.

Forth, fashionable colorful patterns

The colorful colors look very small but very romantic and fancy. They are the simple and generous making, which can give people good feeling. The bright color and beautiful flowers will reveal the high level when it is added the dealing of sub-dealing light.

Fifth, modern simple style curtains

No matter it is the classic white and black matching or the grey, they all reveal underestimated feeling. The whole curtains can reveal very simple and give us a simple and clear feeling. If you are a man who struggle outside, you might as well choose shabby chic curtains.